There are always those moments where we look back and reflect on all the things we wish we could have done but never got around to doing them. As we start to age, you realize that your future is much shorter and you do not have all the time the world to get around to doing those things and pursuing your dreams. Looking forward to doing these things is half the fun too. Dreams keep us hoping and Hope is what we all need in this ever changing world. 

From the silly to the fulfilling to the inspiring, we all have things we've always wanted to do. What are some things you've always wanted to do? Tell Me or Do a Post like this to share. I love hearing other people's goals and dreams!

9 Things I've Always Wanted To Do

Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco
I've always heard about what a treat this is. I can just imagine all the beautiful California coast spots to stumble upon. 

Train Trip around Europe
My husband and I have both been to places in Europe but on a trip to Italy, we started thinking about seeing as much of that continent as we could via train. Now, this may have to wait til my post blogger days as how am I going to fit all my pictures outfits in one toting on a train suitcase? LOL.

Run/Walk the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago
One Spring we were in Chicago and as I was looking out the window, I noticed the streets were blocked off. In a few seconds, here came this sea of green. Thousands of people were doing the Shamrock Shuffle, an 8k run walk through the streets of Chicago. I decided then and there, "I'm doing that someday!"

Host a Shower for my future Daughter-in-Laws, at least one
Hold on....no, none of our boys are engaged. However, you know I long for further daughter-in-laws who will like me, think I'm cool and actually want to spend time with me. How I would love to host an amazing bridal shower for at least one of them.

Host a Blogger Meet and Greet in Chicago
The Blended Blog ladies and I had talked about doing this but renting a beach house for our next get together won. However, it is still a dream of mine to host a big blogger meet and greet in Chicago. Since I am just 2 hours away, it would be fun to get put together a Bloggy weekend so even more of us can meet each other and bounce ideas off one another.

Take a future granddaughter on an amazing trip which will of course, include major shopping
Again, no grand babies even on the horizon but one day, one day, I hope to call a little girlie my sweet pal. How great would it be to take her on an amazing trip somewhere and spoil her rotten. A grandson would be just as sweet.

Go to the top of a wind turbine
On our recent vacay Mr. Nine got me a little closer to them but oh the ultimate would be to go to the top and I'd do it despite being scared of heights. I'm mesmerized; is it a ladder to get up? Stairs? An elevator? I want to see the country side from the top of my beloved turbines.

Take Care of my mom and NOT put her in a home
When my mother-in-law was ill, my sweet sister-in-law was able to take care of her in her home in her last days. I have always told my mom I never want to have to put her in a home and if it all possible, when she gets older is and if she is in need of end-of-life care, I hope I'm in a position to take care of her. 

Buy a house on Lake Michigan in our favorite town 
It's no secret around these parts that we are crazy about Lake Michigan. In the future or when we retire, we hope to get a house probably right on the lake if we can or at least close by in our sweet little beach town!


You know where I am right now? In the garage taking in some dough. Yep, it's the first of two Garage sales this Summer before we move. Can you believe I am selling 30 pairs of my shoes? Wish you could all come. So, I apologize now if I am not commenting as much as normal today. It gets little nuts round here on sale day. People in these parts love em'!
In fact I did a whole post called last year called Garage Sale 101 as it is always quite successful but a lot of work. It'll be a fun, busy day. Wishing you the BEST Friday and fun and SWEET weekend ahead!

1. A Day at the Round Barn
We try to make it a point to get to the Round Barn Winery every year and had not been this year. My mom reminded me it as country music weekend so we said, Why not!!
 That is a vodka lemonade slushy with a sangria topper...so refreshing!

Before we filled up on bevy's, we opted for an outdoor meal at The Clean Plate club 10 minutes from the winery. That's a veggie scramble on top of friend green tomatoes with chipotle sauce...so GOOD!!

Great band named "Gussied Up" from Chicago came in and played pop hits with a country spin and old school country  

Look at the Giant Jenga..and of course how my nail polish matches my drink, lol.

And earlier this week, I showed you my pretty Shades of Blue top. This blue was almost identical and the dress so comfy from Old Navy.
Dress HERE

2. Gifts from sweet Bloggy Friends!
I've said it a million times, but blogging friends are truly something special. We really couldn't do our thing on the bog ole net without each other. My life has been blessed with the most amazing woman all over the world. I was super lucky to get packages this week from two of them who I adore with all my heart!
Shelly from The Queen In Between thought of me when she saw this darling watermelon lunch bag...perfect of this lunch to work toting gal!! Her words of sweetness made my week and we are so honored she is the newest sister at The Blended Blog!!

The ever sweet and Talented Nicole of Nick and Nicole + 4 sent me this goodness. I cannot wait to show you what is inside and tell you more about Nicole! The contents of this precious package will be revealed on July 27th when The Blended Blog ladies and I do our Christmas in July Post showing off our gift exchange. 
You don't want to miss it! 

3. Week's Attire
Ross Dress, Vigotti Pumps, The Loft necklace

TJ Maxx top, The Loft pants, Michael Kors flats

Kohl's top, The Loft pants, Black pearl necklace from my husband

4. When your ice cream matches your outfit
Monday I brought you a recap from our Family Vacation. Well, in that town is the most wonderful little ice cream stand. The lemon custard ice cream is outta this world. And well, I just happened to match it.
JC Penny side zipper sweatshirt, GAP Girlfriend capris and Tory Burch Miller Sandals

More Inspo
 I'm thinking that's mocha?

Maybe top scoop is strawberry?

5. Misc. Fun
Pom Pom Blanket 
I have had my eye on this blanket from Meijer and thought they were sold out but they re-stocked and it was on sale. Plan on throwing it over a plush couch in my new office/craft space at the new house. LOVE the pom poms but I'll probably call it my "Ball Blanket" lol 

Shower Tile
Well, we are over budget on tile and flooring but Mr. Nine is thinking I can keep the waterfall tile in the Master Shower. This is exactly what it will look like.

Let's do this sale thing and wish me luck!!
I hope your weekend is Fabulous sweet friends!!

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I never really used to love wearing blue, except for the other black; Navy! However, this past year or two, I have really been drawn to shades of blue. So much so, that I'm even toying with the idea of having a shade of it be an accent color in some areas of our new house? As for clothing, it's the vibrant blues that really draws me in!

The sleeves and the flow of this beautiful top or just too cute to pass up and I could not believe that the shade of blue matched these fun and funky Fringed Steve Madden lace up sandals! and the the Rebecca Minkoff "Leo" clutch was a sweet addition since it too matched the pink fringe in the sandals.

Some of these pictures were taken by the most darling ice cream spot in our vacation town called The Cool Spot! While another ice cream shop is our favorite, this one has the cutest flowers and outside decorations!
The sweet little necklace..a gift this past Christmas from the Husband..it is morse code for "I LOVE YOU"

And can we just keep talking about the sandals? Not only were they comfortable but they're just so darn fun, definitely my favorite sandal purchase of the summer!

Steve Madden Swizzle Sandals, Now 1/2 Price 
Similar Tops Here and Here and Here

And it's funny, when I talk about Shades of Blue, J-Lo keeps popping in my mind because I absolutely love that show and I can't wait till it comes back in the Fall! She is one Bad-A#s Detective! Yes, that was totally off-topic but she happens to be one of my favorite fashion icons as well! LOL. Love you Jenny from the Block!

And with this new found love of blue, don't you think mama might need these pointed toe smoking slippers (NO, I do not smoke) for Fall? From Sole Society

And know what else I love? YOU, Linking-Up with us and your beautiful style! 
Head over to The Blended Blog and see what one of our gorgeous ladies is styling and loving!


Oh Vacation how I love thee. Today, several of The Blended Blog ladies and myself are discussing our favorite vacations with a blog hop and Link-Up, which was perfect timing for me as we recently returned from our annual family vacation to our favorite town in the whole wide world on Lake Michigan. So excited to bring you a recap of what is my favorite week every year, where the 5 of us get to relax, eat, beach it, chill, laugh and make up for all the crazy business of life!!

Our first night out on the deck to watch the sunset. Even brought my favorite blankie!

I do not want these two to go back to college in a month.

We always try to find at least one new restaurant, one new thing to do and make it a priority to not be on a schedule and sleep in!!! What a luxury that this lady hardly ever gets. 
This year we tried a few new places. I had a hankering for a hot dog and considering I only eat hot dogs once or twice a year, I knew FrankZ would be the place to cure that craving. Plus their fries were voted the best in Northern Michigan and oh how they were!
One night we went to an awesome distillery out in the middle of nowhere. The entertainment were these two darling sisters. I knew I'd love them when the first song they belted out was "Jolene!" And hello Strawberry slushies with fresh strawberries and their homemade vodka...so good. Oh and the cherry on top..an Taco Truck!! Great night!!

July 4th is a big deal in this small beach town and the parade is like no other. People line the streets decked out in their best red, white and blue.
Still thinking about that hot dog....if you look close that's giant hot dog in the back of the truck behind me.

July 4th dinner night!

Beach time is of corse the BEST time!
Hello Beautiful Beach weather!!

It is a tradition to go out on the pier every year add get pictures by the lighthouse.
The boats were sending up some serious crashing waves which the boys loved.

Tenkara rod fishing but no luck. It's the experience, not the fish, lol

Now this was a fun time! My husband has a Ford Raptor and we were able to Baha a bit in the sand where most cars couldn't get too. Came out of the dunes with a little mud on the tires, just the way we like it!

A bench on this beach is how we found this town years ago. I will devote a whole post to the story sometime as it is precious...

.....Just like my precious family!

Mr. Nine and I get a little emotional when we have to leave as we love having us all together and we know this time may be fleeting when they have families of their own. We hope that with the families they start of their own someday, they will continue to come here with us year after year.
Adore this crew!

See other posts our trips to this favorite spot on lake Michigan where Summer's we go as a family and in the Fall, it is a little getaway after HS football season is over, just the two of us.....2015 HEREFall 2015 HERE2016 HERE and Fall 2016 HERE 

...and My ultimate favorite Beach vacation of all time Grand Cayman Spring Break

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new and old!
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