Happy FRI-YAY and 3 day weekend for some. Yippee, it's a 4 day weekend for me. I really should have titled this Friday Favorites...The Blended Blog Edition as there's not a whole lot of Memorial jazz going one here today. Just reliving the amazing Toronto trip with the ladies! My Toronto re-cap HERE.
I just can't stop going through the awesome photos so I am sharing some more favs.

1. THE BLENDED BLOG TRIP...missing these faces
And make sure to stop over at The Blended Blog where Deena from Shoes to Shiraz will link all our trip re-caps for some Friday LOVE.
Might as well "Jump!" 

 Nicole....can I just hire her to be my personal photog? Beautiful behind and in front of the camera!!

This was my favorite selfie! Sarah has some mad selfie skills!

2. Sweet Treats
Yeah, so another favorite thing was the fact that the ladies adore treats -n- sweets just like I do. Bring on dessert!!
Shaunacey got me hooked on these Coffee Crisp bites. I may have taken several bags home with me.

How amazing are these? Shaunacey brought Butter Tarts from a local Bakery and Nicole had these amazing cookies made with our Blended Blog logo.

Great minds think alike as I had customized M&M's made with our logo and a saying "TBB Takes Toronto!" Make your M&M's HERE

Um, yeah have you had a Nanaimo Bar? Heaven...Buttery, Chocolatey, Creamy Heaven!!!
(Candy shop at Niagara Falls)

3. Week's Attire
Glick's top, etsy necklace, Steve Madden pumps

Chadwick's cardigan. Loft tee, Old Navy pants

INC from Macy's top, Charming Charlie Necklace

4. Nautical
Had not worn these red sunnies yet so just threw this together as a casual Memorial Day nautical vibe outfit.
 My Nikes Similar HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Sitting in the back of the Raptor with Grandma Giga.

We adore her. Anthropolgie outfit post from his week HERE

Sweet Pineapple Picks in the mail as a surprise from my sweet sister-in-law

A favorite picture from Toronto ...My "Spirit House"...3 of my favorite things...
Pineapples, Pink and Cocktails!! 

And with that, a BIG CHEERS to your weekend beauties!!!  Go have some fun!!
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Summer Plans!!!)

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We do not have an Anthropologie store close by. The only experience I had with this fun store was online after reading about their amazing pieces via bloggers. So imagine how excited I was to actually go into a store in Vegas and that they we're having a great sale day as well! This is such a fun store and it was Mr. Nine who spotted this darling embroidered top and fun cuffed jean capris to go with it! 

I love the vibrant colors in it. And I happened to have the Kelly green lace up wedges, bracelet to match and I had just gotten some royal blue Sugarfix by Bauble Bar tassel earrings that compliment the tassels on the back of the top so well.

I absolutely loved how beautiful the Anthropologie store was and it smelled so good. There was a beautiful emerald green couch in there that I could just sit on all day amongst all the beautiful clothes and fun vibe.

Aren't the back tassels adorable?

Embroidered Soleil Top HERE // Cuffed Jeans HERE

I decided the perfect day to wear this was On Mother's Day as I knew we were going to a brunch at a place called Evil Czech were they have a cool graffiti wall or two.

What about you? Do you like the embroidery trend? I think it is just lovely and adds such a fun dimension to clothing as long as it's not over done. 

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We don't do it for the fame. We don't do it for the fortune. We do it for the friendships! Remember last Monday, when I posted about Excitement and Fear and this was what I was feeling as were many of my The Blended Blog cohorts in regards to your upcoming trip to Toronto. Well, let me tell you, any nervous butterflies we were all feeling melted away the minute we saw each other's beautiful and sweet faces! I truly believe there is a reason that this group has come together. While, we are all bloggers, we are so much more than that. We have been blessed with the gift of friendship, comradery, commonalities and are definitely a group that loves to have fun, eat good food, shop, walk, laugh and share the joys of life! And in case you don't have time this Monday, I will warn you this post is long because I'm overflowing with my love for these ladies and I want to share it while I am hopefully sleeping in, lol.

Sitting on the rooftop Saturday evening, our wonderful leader that glues us all together, Deena from Shoes to Shiraz mentioned something that really hit home. In this world of blogging, you often hear about blogging conferences and big speakers talking about SEO's, social media, algorithms, how to grow your blog, how to be more engaging etc. etc. yet how many groups of bloggers do you know that get together just to enjoy each other's company and build the friendships that began on a computer screen? I think it is so selfless to not just be concerned about how you're engaging in performing on your own blogs, but to want to support and lift each other up for each other's blogs and our wonderful cohesive blog called The Blended Blog.

I know many of you readers are familiar with the wonderful ladies of The Blended Blog and their personal blogs as well, but I just want to reiterate today how wonderful they truly are and how important it is, if you want to enrich your life, to go read their blogs, their wonderful words, feelings from their heart, stylish savviness and zest for life. 
Before I talk about Toronto shenanigans, let me tell you a little bit about each of these wonderful ladies. I love each and everyone of them and I'll discus their awesomeness in order of their arrival into Toronto. And let me start off first by saying, I knew these ladies were going to be wonderful, but they absolutely exceeded my expectations and how truly amazing they are!

Lisa from Daily Style Finds. Lisa and I had the privilege of coming in together on Wednesday as she was meeting a friend there for dinner and we were happy to get in a little extra shopping in. I swear, Lisa is the younger sister I never had. We had so much in common even down to having the same make and model of vehicle, both being only children, both having moms and husbands that are very similar and absolutely loving fashion! She was the best roomie and being as were so close living in sister states, I know I might get a chance to see this girly again before the next group meet up. If you want the ultimate sweet style, on trend pieces, and affordable fashion finds, you do not want to miss her blog all the wonderful stuff she finds for us all. Plus, let me tell ya, nobody can wear a crop sweater and high waisted jeans jeans better than this beautiful lady! She has the cutest figure!

Shaunacey from Simply Shaunacey. Oh sweet Shaunacey, where do I begin? Shaunacey was exactly in real life as I had always pictured. So down to earth, so freaking funny and just as sweet as they come. I owe so much to her because she is the reason that I was able to become part of this magnificent group. She is raising the most precious and intelligent children and I can't wait wait to see pics of baby three. This busy mama is taking a little blogging break, but I am here to tell you that you might as well just run over her blog now and read all her past posts because this girl has a writing voice that will knock your socks off! She is the real deal! And, she frickin' does pregnancy like a rockstar! We gave her a little baby shower at the restaurant on Friday night. Cutest.Belly.Ever!

Nicole from Nick and Nicole + 4. I was so excited to meet Nicole! She is the most amazing photographer, and when she showed me some of the shots she has done, let me tell ya, if you're ever in her neck of the woods, Miller Ellis is the best photography duo there is! Nicole is the proud mama of four beautiful girls who love fashion like their mama does. She just beams when she talks about them and she is so sincere, sweet, funny and this girl has some serious cute style, and finds the cutest dresses! Plus, her make up is impeccable and can I just have her brows now! Get over to her Blog and find out the amazing journey she has been on! She will inspire you and you will love her as much as I do

Whitney from Whitney ala Mode is such a doll! I love talking to Whitney as she is such a Midwest girl smitten with the mitten where she lives just as much as we love Michigan. She is from a town that we go to quite often in the summer and I'm hoping to meet up with her and dine alfresco overlooking Lake Michigan. This girl is so smart and so poised and just as precious as they come! Get over to her Blog and who knows you may learn a little French along the way. Her students are lucky to have her as a teacher.

Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side is just pretty as a picture and so full of life! Sarah just bubbles over with enthusiasm for life and I adore her grace and sweetness! Plus, it helps that her daddy is a big Notre Dame fan. You do not want to miss Sarah's Blog, her style and amazing make up finds and hair tutorials will have you saying, "oh my goodness she is so cute!" I swear I can see her smile all the way from California and I can't wait to see it in person again, miss her already and her amazing talents including taking the BEST selfies and sharing onion rings, poutine and club sandwiches with me!!

Alison from Puppies and Pretties is our regal one, for a gal who does not like hugs, you just want to squeeze her all day long! She has mild manner about her that just makes you feel so at ease. And can I tell you, this girl can wear a maxi dress and rock it like a beauty queen on vacation! And how can you not love such a trendy palm print on pink! This girl will find you the best books and adorable style so get over to her Blog.

Katie dear sweet Katie from The Mishaps and Mayhem of Solitary Life, the librarian from Long Island that lights up any room! I swear this girl is constantly smiling and her enthusiasm for life is contagious! Her Blog name is so adorable as is her take on life. Check her out and know this girl can drink a mill street beer that is almost as big as she is. 

Deena from Shoes to Shiraz. All I can say is WOW! This lady has got it together in spades. I did not know how eloquent she was and her voice is so calming. Yet, She commands the room and you want to hang on her every word. She is a loyal and lifting friend and I didn't want to stop hugging her. Her Blog is so real and a reflection of what she is feeling and where she wants to go and you don't want to miss it! Her wit is fabulous and I found myself watching her watching us all and wondering what is she thinking? I bet she's thinking that the blessings bestowed from blogging have enriched Life in a way unimaginable. 

Sandwiched between REAL LIFE BFF's for over 3 decades!!

Christy from RSquared is my spunk sister! What a little gem! We love the same books and shopping galore. The bff of Deena is so funny and has the cutest head, true story about her head. I love to hear abut her 2 boys as it takes me back to my boys younger days and she can see what she has in store for the future in raising busy boys. Be sure to head over to her Blog, Christy is like a sweet treat, even better than a magic bar!!

Lana from My New Happy and I were the oldest of the group. We hold a special bond in the sense that we started our blogs as an outlet in anticipation of our boys flying the nest off to college. We have loads in common and Lana just makes you feel HAPPY when you are around her. A safe and comforting peace. She is a friend anyone would want to have. Her Blog is so uplifting and it will motivate anyone to love life the way Lana does!!

Toronto treated us well and my how much I love Canada and their hospitality. We stayed at a wonderful hotel called the Grand Hotel in two bedroom suites that were lovely and quite accommodating. Our itinerary could not have been perfect, as everyone trickled on Thursday night with all got some cocktails and each one of us got the most wonderful burger offered on the menu. The next morning it was up bright and early to board our bus headed to Niagara Falls with stops in a quaint little town where we indulged in warm drinks and sweet treats like magic bars, cookies and bran muffins.

Then, we stopped at a winery for many of us tried ice wine for the first time.
Then it was onto Niagara that included a trip on the boat getting personal with the Falls where we got to Sport the most fashionable red ponchos.

That evening we had the most wonderful share a tapas nine course meal at a Mexican restaurant called El Catrin, it was amazing margaritas, fabulous food and fellowship. 

The next day we went on a walking tour of Toronto and were literally gone from our hotel about 12 hours, 22,000+ steps later, having a ball, soaking in the sites of the city, finding our spirit animal houses, taking a trek down graffiti alley, many of us indulging in poutine for the first time at the most precious little diner and ending of course with shopping and dinner at a place called The Pickle Barrel. 

A little chitchat up on the roof where the hot tubs are and a giant screen TV screen showing 80's videos and then just like that our weekend was about come to a close and I was already getting emotional just thinking about it.

A few of us had a fairly early flight/departure so we met in the lobby and got one last group photo in our pink The Blended Blog Squad tank tops.

Never in my wildest dreams what I began blogging would I have known that was going to gain so many wonderful friends that I know are going to be friends for a lifetime! 

Blogging, may come and go, it may prosper and grow, but through it all, we will remain a cohesive group that supports one another, lifts up one another, and spreads just a little more joy to each other's lives. Never have I loved a entire group of ladies so much. 

So many photos, I'll share more snippets in the next few weeks.
Hoping the 3 Lovelies this we missed, Carrie, Leslie, and Shelia will be able to join us in 2018. Here's to next year! Destination.....TBD and Cheers to going from blogging to REAL.LIFE.FRIENDS!!!!