As you know, I have become kinda obsessed with jumpsuits, like major jumpin on this bandwagon.....but only if it calls for ease up and down bathroom access. Especially if wearing on a winery or brewery trip, which you know is gonna call for extra ladies room trips. 

This under $25 goodness caught my eye on the rack at Target...one left and it just happened to be my size. It is Juniors Xhilaration Brand so I did go up a size and the more subtle colors of black and mustard made me really love it, not to mention, the CUTE tie back! 

Now...let’s get into honesty...this was one of my jumpsuit purchases that would go back if I was wearing it on an all day outing but just for a quick dinner out, but for under $25, it’ll work if Mr. Nine or a random lady in the bathroom is willing to tie my tassels, lol. 

Busting out some wedges and favorite cork clutch and I’m channeling the sunshine and alfresco dining big time!

JUMPSUIT HERE (it's on sale for $20 and there is a stripe one too) //WEDGE SANDALS HERE //
LOVE this Floral OTS Dress HERE too.

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Cannoli, Cannoli, Cannoli, I want a Cannoli. That is what I say every time we go to an Italian restaurant! A Cannoli has always been what I craved for dessert. The light flaky shell and creamy filling are so satisfying after a meal like eggplant parm, lasagna or ravioli! What I love about the Cannoli is it is not heavy or overly sweet. The blending of cheeses is so smooth in the filling and sweetened just so. All I needed for additions is a couple mini chocolate chips on the end or pistachios. 


So oh yeah, I better get to why these are Cannoli cup desserts and not the whole Cannoli. I had never made them so in my mind, I thought those suckers would hard to pipe the filling in....but guess what? It was super easy so after I made the Cannoli Cups, I had leftover shells so the whole enchilada Cannoli got made too and I impressed myself, lol.

As I told you Last week, I’m crazy about miniatures and that includes mini desserts! The perfect taste of sweet but not overloaded with large serving calories. I got these little dessert cups and Macy’s and ended up getting 3 sets of 6. So you can bet they’ll be plenty of mini deserts to go around. You could even have 2 cups if you’re really digging this awesome Cannoli goodness. I know I would. 

What you'll need

Cannoli Shells
1 (8 oz) tub of Mascarpone Cheese
1 (12-15 oz) tub of whole milk ricotta cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
For topping: Mini Chocolate chips and crushed pistachios

Crush 3 Cannoli shells in a Ziploc quart bag with a meat mallet or hammer. Place some pieces in the bottom of mini dessert cups. In a mixing bowl, mix the 2 cheeses for about 2 minutes until very smooth, add powdered sugar and mix for another minute. Pipe or spoon mixture on top of shells. Top with desired topping like mini chocolate chips and crushed pistachios. Add the remaining Cannoli shells pieces to the top. Chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.